Mastering UI/UX: Successful User Experience Design

UI/UX is the combination of building a user interface that looks captivating, represents your brand, and takes the user through a simple, yet valuable experience. Bringing traffic to your platform is one thing but a great UI/UX design turns that visitor into an action taker.

How is this done?
During this meetup, we will give you actionable tips and tricks to successfully building an engaging UI/UX that turns visitors into community members, customers, and promoters of your business. We will show you real examples of projects we have worked and go through it in detail. We will have a Q/A session at the end.

Looking forward to see you there!

Event Organizer:

TEAMZ Strategy is a firm that builds brands into living and breathing entities that people feel connected to.
Through our process, we identify your ideal customer and create a brand identity to the exact specifications that will build an unbreakable relationship between your business and the consumer. We're a team of young, creative professionals from three different continents that have come together in Tokyo to connect brands with the world. Our team has experience in digital design, web development, videography, market analysis, and system infrastructure. Our deep understanding of the Asian market gives us the ability to help your brand build a presence in a market with 4+ billion people. We specialize in working with emerging technologies in fintech, blockchain, AI, animation and are passionate about helping businesses and start-ups create a brand identity that people can see, touch, hear, and trust.


Inaki Olano
Inaki is currently the CIO of TEAMZ, Inc. Previously, he ran his open development and online marketing company in Spain. Inaki has worked with various clients including the Spanish government, Z-Pop, Nevula, and many others.

Eric Sciberras
Eric is director of media at TEAMZ, inc. Previously he ran his own boutique digital media agency in Toronto, Canada. With a background in equities and cryptocurrencies, he specializes in helping fintech companies grow through online marketing strategies.

About Blink Roppongi
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Wed Aug 28, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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3-1-6 BLINK SMART WORKSPACE, 1 元麻布, 港区 Japan

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